Program for kids

Axessman is definitely Against child’s labor and fight against any form of slavery and abusive working conditions.
Axessman under the « Program for Kids » Supports various ONG organization “Orphans houses” in Romania, Bulgaria and everywhere in Europe !
How do you end global poverty?
You start with kids. We’ll focus on European orphans centers whom deeply need our support …
Part of our profits will be given to various European’s ONG, non profit organization whose mission is to transform the lives of disadvantaged European’s children and families by providing physical and educational guidance.

Though your purchasing , your donations are given directly to the orphan’s family and orphan’s institution and ONG.
Axessman’s donation contribute towards helping orphans on theirs everyday life.
Our donations are used to provide for the orphans’ education, books, stationary items and food in some instances. Our support can make a significant difference in an orphan’s life

Our donation will take care of following basic needs :

  • Subsistence (food, clothes, hygiene );
  • Education (includes school fee, books, school supplies);
  • Health (includes medical checkups, tities) last but not the least;
  • Child Protection Rights (includes inheritance and family).

Redistribution programs and results will be shown on a yearly base in our website by the end of the calendar’s year , for more informations please contact us on the following address