Self stick

EAN 5949096005023-1.

How would you like to take selfies that do not look like selfies? Going on vacation?

The mini Selfie Stick should go with you! Capture every great moment to share online or with your family and friends.

You can create your own self shot videos, create excellent videos for YouTube all with PerfectDay stick that fits nicely in your pocket or your purse. For today’s world traveler, you couldn’t ask for a better companion to capture all your greatest adventures and the people you meet along the way. You will be amazed how easy it truly is to take great photos or amazing videos. There are many Selfie Stick on the market but are not particularly easy to use and certainly not the quality of The mini Selfie Stick model .Other models are big and cumbersome and will not fit in your pocket and unless you have a massive purse – won’t fit there either.
Many of these other selfie sticks have numerous pieces that you must install and could easily get misplaced or lost.We know you want something that is at your fingertips, easy to use and gives you a great finished product.

In that case, look no further than this mini Selfie Stick selfie stick.You will not be disappointed, will not have any difficulties in using it and will give you great finished photos and videos. The mini Selfie Stick is the perfect solution to your “at a moment notice” for that special shot or video.

It’s use-ability consists of taking it out of your pocket, placing your phone into it and snapping your photo, all in a matter of seconds. It’s light-weight and compact design is so perfect!