Reflex grip


Instantly grips any shape…

EAN 5949096005191.

Professional Universal Grip Socket Adapter 7mm-19mm and Drill Attachment Adapter
The perfect addition to your toolbox, the spring loaded pins move to fit most screw in fasteners; hexagonal and square nuts and bolts, hooks, wing nuts, and more, even damaged and rusted fasteners that your other tools can’t get a grip on.
Doesn’t matter if it’s metric or imperial, it will fit most fatteners between 7mm(1/4″) and 19mm(3/4″), and you can use your socket wrench or drill with the supplied adapter.

Unscrew any bolt, nut, hook, and other fasteners that you don’t have the right tool for
Fits from 7mm(1/4″) up to 19mm(3/4″) wide
Compact and durable
Perfect addition to your toolbox
Fits on socket wrenches and comes with an adapter for drills

Package Included:
1 x Universal Grip Socket Adapter
1 x Drill Attachment Adapter