Bluetooth Antilost Key Tracker


Track your belongings anytime, anywhere.

EAN 5949096005016-1.

– Bluetooth connection with your phone, two-way search function, which can connect 10 anti-lost;
– when in a connected state, anti-lost beyond the set range Bluetooth, mobile phone and anti-lost alarm simultaneously;
– on your phone can check Location Map anti lost when it was interrupted;
– provide DND feature can be set to a silent period of time to prevent the work of other important time to bother;
– by anti lost control camera phone, remote self-timer;
– controlled by anti lost phone recording function.

Bluetooth anti-lost self-timer features introduced:

1. The new Bluetooth 4.0 technology, low power consumption, CR2032 button battery-powered, stand more than 6 months, the replacement is also convenient.
2. Support IOS system ANDROID 4.3 above system (to be Bluetooth 4.0)
3. anti-lost appearance of fine fashion, four kinds of primary colors (red, green, white and black optional) and can be coupled with each other, providing unlimited combination of imagination.

Bluetooth Anti-lost the use of anti-self-timer:

1. anti-lost feature in accessories (such as keys, bags, etc.), it can also travel with the self-timer using the remote control. Very convenient.
2. alarm to remind, to prevent loss;
3. anti lost on children, the elderly who, in complex environments (such as shopping, travel, etc.) to prevent the alarm to remind lost.
4. anti lost pets hang in and enjoy play time, keep control close distance.

Apple devices (phones, tablets) full range are compatible.
Android 4.3 or later required before use.
APP application download:
Android download link applied as follows: