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Axessman brings its professional expertise inherited from 20 years of a general know-how of mobile and high technology phone industry. Axessman offers some useful accessories in a very small range.

Top Quality

We propose only what is useful to our customers, we bring top quality products at a very low price on the market , we are the most competitive in the business. We are a small and well organized company devoted to our customers. Our customers are our first commitment !

Project Design &

We work in a very tied partnership with several Asian and European suppliers, our personals cooperate locally within our suppliers facilities. We keep a continuous eye on our productions. 100% of our products are fully tested and match European standards.


Our product range is small but efficient, so we make massive saving on product line management in order to offer the best price to our dear customers.
Our sourcing team is based in Asia and works very closely with our system builders and partners.